"Google" keeps loading up as my "homepage"

  AnthonyB 19:54 20 Feb 2004


Just today, for some reason, Google always becomes my homepage - even if I do th Tools>Internet options>Homepage etc. If i do change it to the one I do use, it will be effective, but only until I restart my computer up, and then were back at google again. Not to bothered about having that as a home page as such - but I'll decide thanks;)



  arricarry 20:04 20 Feb 2004

I think you may have to take a trip to the registry and find "Google", see what turns up.

  AnthonyB 21:08 20 Feb 2004

How do i do that then? (take a trip to the registry) and what is that?



  Legolas 21:53 20 Feb 2004

Go here click here and download homepage guard when you install it just type in the address of the homepage you want and select start with windows and it will keep your homepage from being hijacked.

  gudgulf 21:57 20 Feb 2004

It mught also be worth using adaware and spybot search and destroy just to make sure there is no unwanted spyware on your pc.

  Legolas 22:07 20 Feb 2004

good thinking gudgulf. AnthonyB click here click here

  Legolas 22:12 20 Feb 2004

AnthonyB ignore the second link it only allows you to download and scan your system to get rid of anything found you have to purchase click here and download Spybot-S&D its free

  AnthonyB 23:35 20 Feb 2004

Thanks Legolas

Any idea how it happened in the first place? - it still defaults to Google if I don't use the "Homeguard page":)

I've already got Search and destroy, spy bot, AVG, Avast, Norton...



  gudgulf 23:44 20 Feb 2004

Try click here if this does the trick than thank powerless and eric10 for this link.

  AnthonyB 00:15 21 Feb 2004

Thanks gudgulf,

I applied that, but still get google as my homepage after a PC restart - whatever (homeguard apart)

google is ok.... for now, but what if this "home page" was more malicious than this one, for example? well, home page guard will be ok for now I guess, but still like to know how it happened in the first place:) -


  temp003 01:56 21 Feb 2004

Or click here to download Hijack This, upzip it, double click the .exe file, click Scan and you will see Internet Settings and Startup items.

If you know what is causing you the problem, tick the relevant box(es) and click "Fix Checked".

If you don't know what to do, Click Save Log, which will be saved as a .log file, then copy and paste the text to this forum and we can look at the log for you to see if anything is causing you the problem.

Usually, if the homepage is reset after a restart, it means a startup item is resetting the homepage.

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