Google Installer has encountered a problem.

  Sandy03 12:15 16 Apr 2009

I am getting the above message after boot up. It first appeared a couple of days ago. I can send a report to MS and can close the window and can carry on using my laptop for about 15 mins until screen freezes and only a hard switch off will resolve. Screen freezes in all the apps that I use. eg - Internet, Outlook.
As this error would appear to relate to Google - I have uninstalled all google related shortcuts,desktop and screen toolbars.
I have also ran CCleaner and of course deleted all browsing history.
I have this morning tried a restore to 10 days ago - to no avail - after going through the proceedure and waiting for the restore - same message appears - and I cannot continue with restore.
Up until now I don't generally experience any problems with my laptop.
I am wondering if Google have sneaked in an update during the last few days without me noticing which has caused this problem.
Any helpful info would be very much appreciated - but could you please keep it simple as this is all I understand - thanks very much...........

  Graphicool1 15:38 16 Apr 2009
  xania 15:59 16 Apr 2009

I think they have done something. My wife has a Googlemail account and this simply freezes that machine every time she logs on - no oter effect so its not the PC and its not IE - it must be Google. Also, I have a Gmail account and I got some unusual messages about changing from standard view to basic HTML view, and I now notice that you can swap between the current version and the older version.

  Sandy03 19:43 16 Apr 2009

Thanks guys for your help.
Xania - I too am wondering if it's Google related - not sure what to do to rectify though... although not getting any other messages apart from the one I have mentioned.
Graphicool1 - tried the 'Eye Chart' - and all appears OK - I can see all six images. I have a laptop and a PC - tried test on both - results are the same. I also use google on both but only the laptop has developed the problem.
Any other ideas - anyone..........

  xania 08:42 17 Apr 2009

click here

As you can see, I'm on the case.

  Sandy03 13:18 21 Apr 2009

I am using IE7 too with GOOGLE as my home page - I have also deleted all cache and temp history files etc.
I have also removed all GOOGLE related toolbars, desktop icons and short cuts that I can see. I cannot see what else I can remove to rectify. The error is still appearing after boot up - and I am still being kicked out of applications for no reason.
I am not sure on the version I am using but know it not to be 'Chrome' so assume it's an older version.
I use MS outlook for my emails.
I did check the GOOGLE help desk for similar errors unfortunately they were only similar and not the same.
The error message appears before I open IE7 - it appears after boot up.
I would be grateful of any other suggestions.
Thank you.

  xania 12:51 27 Apr 2009

My information is that Google have now fixed whatever was causing the problem.

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