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  wossie 00:17 24 Jul 2008

How can Viacom? monitor what you have watched in youtube for copyright material. Does google keep a record of all the web addresses you type in, OR what you type in the searchbar. Can they check this even if they don't have your computer. Is big brother watching us? What does Google actually keep and for how long?

  DieSse 00:41 24 Jul 2008

Google own Youtube.

Youtube know every IP address that logs on and what they watch, of course. How long they keep that information I don't know.

Viacom don't want to know what any one person watched - they want statistics to see how much copyright material is made available and how much it is watched.

Google can also keep records of what is searched for, of course.

If you want to know how much Google/Youtube keep, and for how long and what they do with it - you can read their privacy policy, and/or ask them.

Viacom can only know the information on records that Google/Youtube pass to them - the last I read was that personal information (ie IP addresses)were not to be handed over)

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  Stuartli 00:44 24 Jul 2008


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There are many, many more similar links.

  wossie 00:50 24 Jul 2008

In september's issue of PC advisor 2008 (this is July, why do they do this) it states in the tips and tricks section "do not log into personalised search engines such as google and yahoo" how else can you get on the web. Thanks.

  DieSse 02:00 24 Jul 2008

"how else can you get on the web"

By logging on to somewhere else perhaps?

Like any such advice, take it with a pinch of salt - or better yet, read the advice in it's full context.

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