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GOOGLE front page playing up

  Anon-226868 17:37 09 Apr 2017

Hiya folks,

I’m still getting an anomaly with my Google front page.

I have Google on my start ribbon, but as soon as I click it, I get two Googles on the ribbon, but only one starts up.

Sometimes it starts with a Normal front page, with that days google logo,,,,

but sometimes it loads with an Abnormal google front page. It has a similar page field where we write in our search (along with previous items), but as soon as I start writing, the field goes to the top left of the screen,,,, like the normal search bar.

Apart from being annoying, it must be causing me some time / memory etc

Any ideas please ?

Image 1 : Normal:- click here 1 : Abnormal:- click here 1a : Abnormal with writing field shifted:- click here

Image Image

  Anon-1792729 09:00 10 Apr 2017

............. it loads with an Abnormal google front page.

There's nothing "abnormal" about that page. It's Chrome's standard "New Tab" page. If you don't like it then you can always click the "Home" button top-left to get to your other Google.

It's worth going into Chrome's settings and checking that multiple pages haven't been enabled in the "On start up" section.

And like Dave mentioned, go into Chrome's "Extensions" section and remove (or disable) any third-party ones that you don't need nor recognise. Rogue extensions can frequently cause weird behavior in web browsers.

Don't forget to let us know how you get on.

  Anon-226868 10:19 11 Apr 2017

Apart from getting the two icons, I do seem to be getting - what I call - the proper home page.

Thanks again guys.

I'm going to start another popst, asking opinions of upgrading my machine;

Asus M5A78L-M LX : Phenom IIx2 : 4gb ram : PSU: OCZ 500w : nVidia GT440 : HDD: Samsung 1tb + W.D 1tb : Chrome : Win 10 pro (64) + Avast : Malwarebytes : Spybot

  Anon-2413012 13:10 16 Apr 2017

It's fine, maybe a temporary bug. Like TUTUApp had quite same glitch in it's iOS app however with the recent update they fixed those bugs so wait for a while.

  Anon-1792729 13:33 16 Apr 2017

Furkin, ignore the post by fileorigin because he's been using these forums as a vehicle to promote his crappy website.

  Anon-226868 11:11 17 Apr 2017

Thanks S.S.

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