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Google Earth Update Dec 2012

  thumbscrew 12:37 18 Dec 2012

Just downloaded the new Google Earth upgrade and strange things happened. Froze initially, then started offering me Direct X loading, box appeared asking if I wanted to send an error message (WTF I'm just innocently upgrading here!). After this the screen went black, then a small version of Earth appeared which wouldn't respond. My response...bye bye Google Earth...kicked into touch! Anyone else ditto?

  chub_tor 14:35 18 Dec 2012

I've had no problem with installing the update but sites I regularly look at in the USA have gone all high contrast and low-res graphics looking. UK sites seem OK and so is Street View. Can't say I like the new look so far.

  iscanut 16:38 18 Dec 2012

Upgraded here with no problems at all !

  john bunyan 16:41 18 Dec 2012

I had similar problems - solved when I updated the graphics card drivers. I have a rather old NVidia 7800GTX and W7.

  chub_tor 18:44 18 Dec 2012

I have the latest drivers so I had a play around and discovered that if I unticked the Photorealistic box under 3D Buildings then it all became normal looking again.

  thumbscrew 19:09 18 Dec 2012

So many times over the years when I've upgraded/updated it's caused problems on my machine, that sometimes I'm reluctant to install them. The worst offenders have been the monthly Microsoft updates, which often won't install and play up during downloading....and that's before they've even been installed! Anyway my Google Earth's history now. I rarely used it and won't miss it.

  sunnystaines 12:00 20 Dec 2012

working ok on w7 starter netbook, not put on xp yet prev beta version crashed xp had to delete it.

do you have xp or w7

  thumbscrew 12:04 20 Dec 2012

I'm still clinging on to XP.....and very content to do that for as long as I can!

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