Google Earth update

  thumbscrew 22:35 16 Aug 2010

I use Filehippo Update Checker and today it told me that there was an update to Google Earth. I proceeded with it, only to discover that every time I clicked on the new "updated" version, it closed down and reverted to my set up screen. I've managed to System Restore and got it back. Can anyone advise?

  northumbria61 23:09 16 Aug 2010

Does this help - click here

  thumbscrew 23:12 16 Aug 2010

Thanks northumbria, not really though, doesn't seem to address the crashing problem.

  Woolwell 23:17 16 Aug 2010

The latest version is

Rather than using filehippo I would use the update built into Google Earth. Help - check for updates online and click on the link. Or download direct from Google click here. This should give you a good (bug free) version.

  sunnystaines 23:33 16 Aug 2010

filehippo updated for me ok. i find the update option in earth always says no update available

  Woolwell 23:35 16 Aug 2010

I updated Google earth with it's own update option as a trial for this thread. Worked fine. This thread actually alerted me to an update.

  thumbscrew 23:42 16 Aug 2010

Ok updated to 5.2 and all ok except street maps. When I click on that Google Earth crashes???

  Woolwell 23:50 16 Aug 2010

Sorry - no problems here.

  wids001 08:13 17 Aug 2010

I have a similar problem. Google Earth works fine, but as soon as I go into streetview it crashes, or occasionally I get a message that it has encountered an error and must close. I am running Windows 7 - 64bit.

  thumbscrew 09:13 17 Aug 2010

Thanks all, ditto wids001,everything ok until on Street Maps, when I move the little man on to a street it crashes and Google Earth vanishes completely.Anyone else?

  Pine Man 09:31 17 Aug 2010

I have just update and keep getting lines flashing all over the screen:-(

Can't find a 'little man' to move onto a street?

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