google earth and hotmail.

  pete h 13:59 08 Oct 2010

when i go into google earth and then into view in google maps, as soon as i drag the yellow man onto the street map, google earth dissapears. is anyone else having this problem ?

secondly, i normally have three hotmail email accounts that were all linked to enable me to flick between email addresses rather than log off and on each time, this has now dissapeared and guess what, yes you got it, i have to log in and out each time. i get the message that this facility is unobtainably at this time but that was over a week ago. can someone check it out for me please or tell me how to sort it.

thanks a lot


  Woolwell 15:01 08 Oct 2010

I don't think that you mean Google Earth. Google Earth is a stand alone program that has street view too and is many ways identical in what you view to Google Maps. Google Maps is accessed through your browser and on satellite view you can drag the yellow man to get street view. Do you mean that Google Maps then crashes or do you mean that you no longer can get back to the overhead imagery?

Hotmail through webmail? Don't use it so cannot help with that.

  pete h 15:44 08 Oct 2010

hya and yes i mean google earthe with street veiw but the only way i can see it in street view is to go to edit then view in google maps, this then puts the street view up and allows me to drag the yellow man to the blue outlined streets. as soon as i let go of the yellow man, google earth dissapeares. and yes i do have the street view box ticked. is there somewhere else i should be looking for street view ??


  Woolwell 15:54 08 Oct 2010

I didn't initially understand what you meant - you mean File then view in Google Maps. Google Earth crashed for me too when I tried to view Street View that way.

In Google Earth to view street view zoom in until you see camera symbols and then click on the nearest camera.

  pete h 16:04 08 Oct 2010

ok mate will give it a go

  pete h 16:16 08 Oct 2010

once again mate thanks but i liked it the way it was before. not that you had anything to do with it lol.


  Woolwell 17:45 08 Oct 2010

Actually I find Street View easier using Google Maps through my browser.

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