Google Earth after System Restore

  tristar 11:30 15 Jan 2010

I'm running Windows7, and recently had to do a system restore.
I noticed the Google Earth icon had disappeared from my desk top. I downloaded, (or thought i did) google earth, but when I run set up nothing happens, I can't find Google Earth.
I seem to recall others had problems with Earth recently, but can't remember what the cure is.
May or not be linked, but I recently uninstalled Kaspersky.

  GaT7 17:33 15 Jan 2010

Have you tried uninstalling GE via the 'Programs and Features' applet? Do it if not, & try reinstalling GE afresh.

Did you download the GE updater setup file or the full install file?

If you're still having problems installing it, download & run the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility click here (it apparently works for Win7 as well click here). Then try installing reinstalling from the full version. Available from under Installing at click here. G

  tristar 18:43 15 Jan 2010

Thanks very much, Crossbow7, did as you suggested uninstalled, then reinstalled via your link.
All OK now.
Once again thank you for your help, I appreciate it!

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