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  thicasabrick 19:41 19 Apr 2009

Hi all, not really a pc problem, but I'm sure someone out there knows the answer to this. I have just re-installed Google earth on my pc, when I used to have it on my pc, there used to be little pin like icons all over the maps that when you clicked on them, used to show pictures that people had taken, for example pictures of the pyramids, buckingham palace ect. I have tried to turn this feature on from the little boxes to the left on the google earth page, (layers) but cannot get these pictures to show. Anyone know how to do it. Thanks.

  Stuartli 19:47 19 Apr 2009

Use the Layers panel.

  thicasabrick 19:57 19 Apr 2009

Yes Stuartli, like I said in my post, I have gone to layer boxes, then gallery, then put a tick in both "Gigapan photos" and "Gigapxl photos" but still no photos. Any more help please

  Stuartli 20:01 19 Apr 2009
  thicasabrick 20:15 19 Apr 2009

Thanks for that link Stuartli, followed the instructions but when I got to the google earth folder there was no file named "default_myplaces.kml" so could go no further. So can you be of anymore help pleas.

  grey george 20:56 19 Apr 2009

Have you searched for updates I am using this version:
Google Earth
5.0.11337.1968 (beta)
A new download may solve this.

  thicasabrick 21:05 19 Apr 2009

grey george, can you see photos on your version of google earth. thanks

  thicasabrick 21:09 19 Apr 2009

just checked what version I have, it's the same as yours 5.0.11337.1968 so back to the drawing board. Does anyone have this feature available on their version of google earth. Thanks

  Technotiger 21:31 19 Apr 2009

I have the same version, I can see photos with icons of Cameras. The only ticks I have placed in Layers are Roads/3D Buildings/Street View and Terrain. I have no ticks at all in Gallery.

  grey george 22:09 19 Apr 2009

Yes I have blue little squares that when clicked open photos. If you open the left side bar menu the first icon on the lower tool menu. Is there a layers drop down menu? If so are the boxes in geographic web ticked?

  lotvic 23:00 19 Apr 2009

I think you need to add the 'Visual Travel Guide' from
"With approximately 18,000 individual photographs located inside the placemark description bubbles..."

In Google Earth, click on 'Add Content' and then when browser page opens, click on 'Popular' and it is the first one in list that appears.

or click here to go straight to google gadgets

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