Google Earth

  Hedontownee 09:49 16 Feb 2009

I downloaded and installed Google Earth Free
I now have an open window titled
Google End User Licence Agreement
I cant get rid of it
There are no symbols to close it /minimise etc
It is just stuck in the middle of the screen
I un-installed Earth Free
and re-booted
But the offending window is still there
Help please
Your advice will be very much appreciatedThanks in advance

  Technotiger 09:57 16 Feb 2009

Is there not a box within that window to tick that you have 'agreed' .... it is a long time since I first installed mine so I can't remember exactly, but it is what usually happens, you have to agree to the licence terms to be able to use the program - the window should then disappear.

  Hedontownee 10:08 16 Feb 2009

Well its just a default window saying
This program cant be displayed
There is no action box or any other action that I can see
And I cant get rid of it???
Very strange really
It just seems stuck there!!

  Technotiger 10:12 16 Feb 2009

Try the Google Earth Forum via Google and ask why it says 'this program cant be displayed'

Perhaps your system is not compatible.

  Technotiger 10:18 16 Feb 2009

Meanwhile, run www,ccleaner,com in its default settings (do not make any changes), this may get rid of that window.

  Technotiger 10:19 16 Feb 2009
  Hedontownee 11:02 16 Feb 2009

Run CCleaner
No luck I'm afraid
Its still there
I'll try the google forums ??

  Hedontownee 11:22 16 Feb 2009

I have found the solution!!
I ran Windows defender and found an unsigned item running
I hightlighted the item and the details showed that it was a Google related thingy!!!!
I clicked on End Process
And the offending window disappeared
More good luck than good management
But its worth noting as apossible remedy!!!
Thanks to all who helped

  Technotiger 12:43 16 Feb 2009

Grreat, thanks for your feedback.

  Hedontownee 14:23 16 Feb 2009

Just out of interest!
I have installed Earth Free
and this time it works perfectly
The above problem was clearly a odd one that happens occasionally

  Hedontownee 06:14 17 Feb 2009

I am adding an additional comment to the solution here.!!
In spite of the apparent success here.I booted up this morning and found,much to my dismay that this wayward window re-appeared.
So action this day
Find the item using Windows Defender and "End Process" again.
This time ,however I noted the location of other google detailed files
I found a folder in the program folder on C drive
and manually deleted them.
Then ran CCleaner
(cleaned the registry)
There is now, no google related items on this machine.......hopefully
A cautionary tale perhaps but not one that I expected with my new machine (Toshiba laptop)

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