google earth

  sopwith 18:54 04 Sep 2008

simple question
is it anygood and does it cause any probs
if not whats the best site to download it from

  sinbads 18:59 04 Sep 2008

click here very ggood no problems i know of.

  Technotiger 19:05 04 Sep 2008

Google Earth (& Google Sky) is great, but if in UK you will probably find in Birds Eye view is even more detailed and clearer, one can also see your chosen location from all sides N.S.E.W.

I use both.

  Technotiger 19:08 04 Sep 2008

I did say 'if in UK', but Multimap does cover most of the Globe anyway, but I am not so sure about the full detail as seen in the UK.

  camilla11 21:02 04 Sep 2008

I've just taken a look at to find that the images displayed are at least 4 or 5 years old. I use google earth and find it great, and easy to use. Although you will need a broadband connection. Download it from

  [email protected] 21:04 04 Sep 2008

google earth still shows a car i sold 8 years ago outside my mums house!

  sinbads 21:10 04 Sep 2008

you can get carried away with google and find some strange views click here

  Technotiger 21:47 04 Sep 2008

Hi, my partners home was re-decorated within the last two years prior to being put on-the-market, her very distinctive front door, painted a different colour, is very clearly shown in Multimap.

  camilla11 22:04 04 Sep 2008

Hi, perhaps different areas are updated randomly, if you see what I mean. When I gave up work 4 years ago, we'd moved into new offices 10 months earlier, the 'site' is barren land in Multimap, so I'd be interested to know how you're able to see more up-to-date images. Camilla11

  Technotiger 22:15 04 Sep 2008

This is from Multimaps's FAQ's ...

Where does the imagery come from and how old is it?

Imagery on click here consists of both aerial and satellite imagery. The composite view contains data that was captured at various different times since it is not practical to collect an entire country in one shot. We are working with our aerial providers to create the most complete and current database with the best clarity. Since new releases of the imagery are ongoing, we will be updating imagery on a rolling basis. In some instances we have data that was collected in 2005 and in others we have more recent images from our providers. We are receiving new imagery all the time, so please keep checking our site.

  Stuartli 22:21 04 Sep 2008

Just looked at my property on MultiMap - it's a minimum of five years old and has the words Irish Sea placed just underneath my road.

Surprising that as we are about one-and-a-half miles from the shore in the heart of a residental area...:-)

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