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  twicklad 18:25 20 Jul 2006

I have uninstalled Google Earth and reinstalled several times, both from the internet and the PC Advisor DVD. When using it 4 times out of 5 the system freezes and can only be unlocked by switching off at the mains. Is there something incompatible in my system (Windows XP Pro. SP2).Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

  Al94 18:35 20 Jul 2006

Spec and age of your PC?

  €dstowe 18:44 20 Jul 2006

Try this click here from Microsoft instead.

  Smiler 19:09 20 Jul 2006

What processor and how much ram have you got??

  skeletal 19:58 20 Jul 2006

...And do you have always on broadband? There is some connection activity and if you are losing this/runing slow, it may give the impression of freezing.

Sorry if this is very obvious...but you never know!


  bruno 23:21 20 Jul 2006

I suggest you try Edstowes link.I have them both and find the detail better on his site.

  daba 01:10 21 Jul 2006

bruno "and find the detail better on his site" - but so damn slow compared to GE. I've tried both also, and much, much prefer GE, both in its smoothness of operation and its facilities.

Presumably all the "viewers" use the same image source, so its only a matter of time before the GE images will be updated.

twicklad - make sure, if you have one, your "pop-up" blocker is turned off when using GE. I use AdSubtract Pro, and GE won't work at all with it on, others may interfere less so.

  bruno 20:02 21 Jul 2006

Mine both operate about the same speed and when I open them both together and tile them horizontally on the same wiew,I find the detail is much better on live/local.It all comes down to personal preference,and what you are looking at.

  Lettervanman 20:08 21 Jul 2006

I am on XP Pro same as you, and have no problem.

  twicklad 16:23 24 Jul 2006

My pc is 18 months old; Athlon 64 1.81 GHz, 1.00GB; Hard drive 2GB, approx 1.6Gb available.
Have broadband.
The freezing seems to go on forever, (admittedly have never sat waiting long enough to see if it eventually recovers).
I may try the tip re pop-up blocker.

  Smiler 16:26 24 Jul 2006

Are you sure you only have a 2GB hard disc :-(

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