Google Earth

  The Dazza 13:10 18 Dec 2005

Someone has told me about a 'Google earth' website were apparently you can zoom in on anywere in the world via satellite. Is this true. An IT friend of mine advised me he knew of a lot of users having profile probs after using it. I said this probably wouldn't effect a single home user. Am I right?

Any comments?

  g0slp 13:22 18 Dec 2005

It's not a direct satellite feed, if that's the impression your friend has. The images are satellite generated though.

I'm a home user; in fact we have 3 computers in the house all registered on the site (under different names/emails) & none have had problems. (We're all running XP SP2).

Mind you, one of the kids got a new graphics card out of me because his machine wasn't originally powerful enough in the graphics department... ;-)

Get yourself registered & enjoy.

  The Dazza 13:50 18 Dec 2005

yep, pretty cushdy that. Thanks

  €dstowe 13:54 18 Dec 2005

There is a huge problem with Google Earth - for many people it is very addictive and once into the site it is very difficult to prose yourself away - there is always something else you want to refer to.

  rawprawn 13:54 18 Dec 2005

Yes it's very good, the satelite shots are on average 18 months old and according to todays Sunday Telegraph are/can be used by terrorist organisations. The coverage is best in the US and UK.
It's good fun and can be used to plan journeys and find all different kinds of amenities such as Hotels, golf courses, and all manner of things. As g0slp says download and enjoy.

  €dstowe 13:55 18 Dec 2005

prise not prose.

Must get into using the spull chucker more often.

  pj123 14:04 18 Dec 2005

Just read about it myself in the Sunday Telegraph.

€dstowe, addictive? Rather like this Forum then?

Just as well I can't get Google Earth then, (only works on Win XP and I'm on Win 98SE)

The link is here:
click here

  Stuartli 14:21 18 Dec 2005

I'm surprised you've not aware of Google Earth (or indeed perhaps Nasa WorldWind 1.3) as it's been a big talking point since its June release.

As has been pointed out it's hugely addictive, especially the routes from A to B, which you can follow from virtually ground level to up in the sky; try one of the better known US road routes for an example.

It's also fascinating to be able to zoom in on, say, a major airport and notice planes taking off or parked around the terminals and gates, or even your own road and spot your property, car and those of your neighbours.

There's also Google Moon (try zooming in as much as you possible can)...:-)

  pj123 15:28 18 Dec 2005

Stuartli, don't be surprised mate. There are lots of things I don't know about until one of my pupils mentions it.

Like Google Earth one of the people I teach asked me about it. Said you can zoom in to your own back garden. I thought even MS Autoroute can't do that so I will give it a look.

Unfortunately, I am on Win 98SE so it won't work.

I have no intention of going to Win XP due to the amount of help problems on this Forum concerning Win XP. I have 10 computers (eight of them are for teaching purposes and 2 are my own private computers). They are all running Win 98SE and I don't have any problems with them.

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