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Google Drive indicates I am using 98% of free 15gb

  Anon-294492 16:29 07 Jan 2020

First I admit I did not know Google Drive existed nor indeed that I have it. My Gmail page is telling me I am using 98& of the free 15gb Google Drive allowance and may run out. I have deleted several thousand emails from my various Gmail folders. It still tells me I am using 98% of 15gb. I googled Google Drive and deleted the few files there. No difference. What please am I likely to be missing to get out of this ?

  Anon-2445101 17:19 07 Jan 2020

When in gmail click on the 9 dot square (google apps) and select drive. See what's uploaded there. You might have set up a backup sometime. Also check Photos as you might be backing up photos from a device in original quality which is not free. click here.

  Anon-294492 18:04 07 Jan 2020

Thanks, When I clicked on Photos there are many of them! How do I delete them from Google Drive?

  Anon-2445101 18:18 07 Jan 2020

click here Just be careful you backup the special photos separately and safely before the mass delete.

  Anon-294492 19:19 07 Jan 2020

I have deleted all the photos from Google Photos by selecting choosing the bin icon. But it still says I am using 98% of the 15% capacity. When I moved them all to the bin, where is the bin located? The normal Microsoft bin on the PC is empty. Is there a separate bin for Google Drive?

  Anon-294492 21:53 07 Jan 2020

I found the Google bin and there is nothing in it! It remains stuck on saying I have used 98% of the 15gb allocation

  Anon-2445101 21:59 07 Jan 2020

In photos click on the main menu icon top left (3 horizontal lines) and check bin there. They are automatically removed only after 60 days.

  Anon-294492 22:31 07 Jan 2020

Thanks! I found them there just as you said. I could not resist clicking "empty bin" as well and they disappeared from the screen, but as you say I guess they are still there for 60 days. At least it still says 14.7gb used out of 15gb. Perhaps it takes a long time to delete them. I am very grateful for your help. I shall hav eto last out for 60 days or buy more storage!

  Anon-294492 23:57 07 Jan 2020

It seems my main problem using 14.7gb was not the photos but gmail. I searched the web and found a website with a link to a "Gmail trash bin". I assume this is a cloud storage bin. Mine was full of emails which I have deleted and my immediate problem of storage is now over. However I still have no clear idea of where this cloud based bin is for future checking. I did save the website. Question if I may. How do I stop my future emails going to google drive or mydrive?

  Anon-2445101 06:03 08 Jan 2020

Google mail and Drive and Photos are part of the 15 GB allowance. There must have been thousands of emails there to take up that much space! So you must start doing some good housekeeping with your mail as deleting those you no longer need and cleaning up the spam folder etc. Keep an eye on the usage (shows in Mail) and save photos in high quality and not in original quality. There's no other way to do it really but well done for spotting what was going on and fixing it yourself.

  Anon-2445101 06:11 08 Jan 2020

I have hundreds of emails saved and I don't know how many photos saved and a few docs etc saved on Drive and this is my usage :

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