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  Damarc 18:22 02 May 2012

I intend to use this as a backup for my files and the syncing has been progressing fine until today. I am uploading 2gb of info. The tray icon has stopped at 1182 out of 2724. Is there a limit on syncing either by my ISP or by Google itself. I can't find any 'help' stuff on uploading at all. thanks

  Ashrich 19:02 02 May 2012

Reports say Google has a max file upload of 10gb , if that is true it may be your ISP slowing things down , although why I don't know ...

  Damarc 18:22 16 May 2012

Thought I'd give an update on this. I had to revert to Google Chrome to finish the transfer. I then found that my internet usage was climbing rapidly. I knew that it would take some usage to transfer the files but I didn't realise that Google would be continually looking and trying to update Googledrive. As I am on a light use internet contract I had nearly used up my allowance within a couple of days. This was happening in the background when I hadn't even gone onto a browser. I have Networks installed to check what my usage is at various times so when the big KB figures were showing up with no browser open I was concerned and have in fact uninstalled Google Drive on my pc and Google sync. My Googledrive on the web is available with all the files on it but at least the insidious usage of my allowance is not continuing now. I have looked at the uploading facilities on web Google drive and I think I can upload without it having to look and take files from the PC Google Drive but haven't checked yet if it will work as I daren't use any more upload.

  stlucia2 08:00 18 May 2012

I was going to say that Google Drive has a size limit of 5Gb if you're on the free version.

Then I read your latest update and, on doing a Ctrl-Alt-Del, I saw that a program called googledrivesync.exe is currently running on my PC. I use Drive to share files with my Android phone, by dragging and dropping into the Drive folder, and I don't really want it to continually sync. There's an article here about manual vs. automatic syncing for Google Drive, which might help. I'm going to try and set mine to manual.

  stlucia2 08:05 18 May 2012

Sorry, forgot to add the link. Here it is

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