Google desktop and Outlook 2000

  patrmich 22:04 01 Oct 2008

I have been using Google desktop and Outllook 2000, under Windows XP,
for years without any problem.
Since the installation of "Software Distribution Service 3.0", Google
Desktop no longer indexes my e-mails.
So, I have no choice but to make a system restoration one or two times
a day, at a date prior to the installation of "Software Distribution
Service 3.0".
In the control panel, add or remove programm, I was unable to find any
trace of "Software Distribution Service 3.0", even after having
checked the "display update" box.
My desktop version is Google Desktop 5.7.0806.10245-fr-pb
A collleague of mine has exactly the same problem.
Thank you in advance to any help in this matter.

  MAT ALAN 22:14 01 Oct 2008

suggestion is software conflict between Software Distribution Service 3.0 and ZoneAlarm and updating ZA resolves the problem...

  patrmich 22:25 01 Oct 2008

Thank you for a so prompt reply.
But ZoneAlarm is not installed on my computer (and not installed on my colleague's computer)
By the way, do you know from where comes the so-called "Software Distribution Service 3.0" ?
Is it related to a windows updating ? or to anything else ?

  MAT ALAN 22:31 01 Oct 2008

I think it has something to do with the way Updates are delivered. The "SoftwareDistribution" folder is a sub-folder of C:\Windows.

Its a "hotfix" SDS 3.0 which i aviod like the plague, they seem to do more harm than good most times, you should be able to uninstall it from add/remove (with the "show updates" box checked) and then removing the SDS folder

  patrmich 22:45 01 Oct 2008

I am currently at home, and the problem that I am reporting occurs on my office computer.
So, I will try to uninstall SDS 3.0 when I am in my office tomorrow morning.
But, untill now, I was unable to find any
trace of "Software Distribution Service 3.0", even after having checked the "display update" box.
In case I manage to uninstall SDS 3.0, is it possible to avoid the automatic re-installation of SDS 3.0 ?

  MAT ALAN 22:57 01 Oct 2008

Turn off the option to install updates automatically, many of them are not relevant anyway...

  patrmich 23:14 01 Oct 2008

I had already turned off the option to install updates automatically
But (as mention on some other forums), this does not prevent SDS 3.0 to automatically being re-installed a few hours after I made the restoration.

  MAT ALAN 23:20 01 Oct 2008

Start>Run>type in "sfc /scannow"

is a suggested resolve to this issue

click here

  patrmich 15:26 02 Oct 2008

1-Today, I followed your suggestion to do :
Start>Run>type in "sfc /scannow"
During the scan I received several times a message asking to insert the windows xp sp3 cd. But as such sp3 update was made online, I had no cd and so, I had to ignore the message.
2-In C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\SelfUpdate\Default, there are the following files :,, wsus3setup.inf,, wuident.txt.
Is there a way to make an amendment in one of these feiles to avois the autoamtic installation of "Software Distribution Service 3.0" ?
Thank you in advance for your kind advises.

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