Google - Credit card association on my account??

  compumac 16:54 13 Jul 2012

I have just attempted to make an apps purchase via the internet and it is associated with Google. The dialogue box that came up after indicating my e-mail address, displayed a credit card part number that I used a good few years ago. I do not remember a previous occasion where my purchases were associated with Google and I wish to look at my Google account to see as to any references to a credit card but am unable to see any reference within my Google account. Am I missing something?

  KRONOS the First 17:07 13 Jul 2012

What about Google Pay, have you ever used that?

  Woolwell 17:08 13 Jul 2012

Obviously your thread in January wasn't resolved Android credit card

  KRONOS the First 17:11 13 Jul 2012

Sorry I meant Gooogle Checkout.

  compumac 17:17 13 Jul 2012

Woolwell At the time I was not aware of any purchase associated with Google, but obviously after today's episode I realise that I must have done so. I have looked at my Google account details today to see if there are any references to credit cards but cannot find anything at all.

Chronus It could very well have been Google Pay.

Either way I wish to remove the now non-existent credit card details and replace them with the uptodate detail. I am looking for guidance in respect of that.

  KRONOS the First 17:23 13 Jul 2012

I have just done that exact thing myself. You will need to log in to your Google Checkout page and click on payment methods. The rest is self explanatory.

It has been a while since I used Google pay and had forgotten about it until I saw your thread. Could not even remember the password but fortunately I had associated my mobile number with the account so a quick text verification and I could change the password.

  compumac 17:30 13 Jul 2012

Chronus Yes thanks for that. I was looking within my Google account and not Google Checkout. I have now been into that account and have hopefully carried out the necessary. I have found that I did purchase a Sync programme back in 2008 but had forgotten the association with Google Pay (Checkout). Will now try to make my purchase.

Woolwell. have you a good memory or did you search?

  p;3 17:35 13 Jul 2012

Correct me if I am wrong but why is a dialogue box showing with your Card number in it ?

Does it show the complete number or just a part of it?

  compumac 17:58 13 Jul 2012

p;3 Just the last four digits.

To all. Have resolved all problems now, thanks. I am having one of those days where it might be better to go to bed early or just not have got up at all. I am having a very senior day, not a senior moment.

  Woolwell 19:13 13 Jul 2012

Remembered that someone had asked a very similar question. Did a search and realised it was you. Wish I could remember some other things as well as that!

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