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google chrome wont open a dutch site

  laptopdunce 17:02 24 Nov 2016

I am using google chrome, up to a few days ago it was fine for a Dutch site I look at regularly, it is it is an ebay franchise, since yesterday it will not allow me in on my log in details, I contacted Marktplaats and they say there is nothing wrong with the site, I used IE Browser and it DOES allow me in on my log in email and password!! I have cleared the history and cookies in Google Chrome but it still gives me a "password/email incorrect" when I try to log into this site, what can be wrong here? It was working fine a couple of days ago. thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  Bazzaman 17:56 24 Nov 2016

Do you have an extensions added in to Chrome (e.g Ad-Blockers etc.)?

I occasionally find that Chrome plays up, but IE works. Sometimes it's down to extensions, other times disabling all the extensions makes no difference. Just one of those things.

  difarn 20:13 24 Nov 2016

Have you tried clearing cookies and site data?

Chrome menu (the three bars on Chrome toolbar) Settings - show advanced settings Under Privacy click on Content settings In the Cookies section click on All cookies and site data Click on Remove all Close dialogue box

  laptopdunce 10:37 25 Nov 2016

I think it must have been in the settings for the AD blocker that was wrong, I had cleared the total history and all the cookies, even went into the "more" tools and task manager and set the chrome back to original settings and now it is working OK, I didnt know though about the password settings box which Octal sescribes, that is very handy to know, I have one gmail account which will not save the password, its very odd, all my other gmail addresses all save the password, I use a seperate gmail for each website like ebay, paypal, online stores etc., thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

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