Google Chrome will not uninstall

  Snrub 01:58 27 Jun 2009

I was trying to update Google Chrome because a new version has been released and the current one will not connect to the internet but when I try to run the program a message comes up that I must close Google Chrome which is not running since I am doing this through IE8.
When I try to uninstall Google Chrome program a message comes up that I do not have administrator rights which I do have.
Any ideas please?

  BT 07:24 27 Jun 2009

Is it really necessary to uninstall. My one updated automatically.Have you checked to see if yours has updated.
Goto the tools dropdown (spanner) and click 'About Google Chrome'. The new version is

  julius44 07:30 27 Jun 2009

Snrub is totally correct. check to see if u have the latest version, i checked mine and its the latest and I have no problems using it.....But if u wish to remove it completely and start from scratch..use revo uninstaller
click here There is nothing BETTER if u wanna get rid of a program with care......just make sure u delete the correct program becos this is really powerful.

  T I M B O 10:29 27 Jun 2009

In Google Chrome there is an update button, no need to remove chrome at all. Open chrome>>click the spanner>>About google chrome, and hey presto, it's all updated! Current version now is, (

  Snrub 19:28 27 Jun 2009

Like I said Google Chrome will not connect to internet just says 'resolving host' and nothing happens. This is why I either wanted to unistall it or update it, either way it runs so far then blocks saying shut down all chrome applications which are already shut or in the case of uninstall it says I do not have administrator rights to my own computer!

  chub_tor 20:01 27 Jun 2009

A lot of people on this forum suggest Revo click here for uninstall problems. So I am with julius44 on this one.

  rdave13 20:23 27 Jun 2009

I'd have a look in task manager and see how many 'Chrome.exe' processes are running. End them then try uninstalling.

  Snrub 18:13 30 Jun 2009

Found the problem eventually Google Chrome had auto updated but my Firewall was blocking it!

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