Google chrome problems

  Bike-it 18:38 20 Feb 2010

I run Vista and use Google Chrome as a web browser, i have it set so is my default search engine, but whenever i type something into chrome web address bar to search for it other search things come up, it appears that chrome has been hijacked with something, i uninstalled chrome and reinstall it but now it wont work at all, help please.

  rdave13 18:56 20 Feb 2010

Don't know much about Chrome but try Revo to uninstall it this time. Run your security scans and then try to reinstall.

  Bike-it 19:24 20 Feb 2010

I downloaded hitman pro but it never found anything, i uninstalled chrome reinstalled it but now it won't open any pages

  rawprawn 19:27 20 Feb 2010

When you have uninstalled Google Chrome be careful
if you find that your html links no longer work.
Google Chrome sets itself as default for html links, and uninstalling it doesn't remove all the changes made in the registry.
If you find you have problems
This is how I solved my problem, Option 1 did not work for me so I used Option 2, and changed the registry with no problems.
click here

  Bike-it 20:59 20 Feb 2010

Tried your suggestions, but it made no difference, anymore help please

  Bike-it 23:39 20 Feb 2010

I read on another forum about this problem, they suggested downloading revo uninstaller to completely uninstall Google Chrome this i done but this too makes no difference, this is starting to pi$$ me off, any more help will be really great.

  Bike-it 23:44 20 Feb 2010

Just a long shot, would a reinstall solve this problem?

  rdave13 00:11 21 Feb 2010

Do you read the replies on this thread or not. Your first post states you reinstalled it. Second post states try revo to uninstall. You then state another forum suggests downloading revo at a later post. Why I bother...

  Bike-it 12:26 21 Feb 2010

rdave13 not a good idea to use these help forums with Jack Daniels at you side, hope you keep your help coming, as it's been great.

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