google chrome problem

  mikeyboy32 20:12 29 Apr 2010

google chrome has stopped working yesterday on my pc using xp. it opens ok but will not connect to any sites at all.

i've tried unistalling using revo and installing it again but still the same.

is this a virus?

can anyone help me out to get it working again?

  northumbria61 23:53 29 Apr 2010

There is not a lot of help for Google Chrome when it's not working. Try downloading and running "Malwarebytes" - this has been known to get things working again when uninstall/reinstall fails.
"Check for Updates" from the "Update" tab before running.

click here

  mikeyboy32 06:55 30 Apr 2010

thanks for the reply.

ive run the malwarebytes software and unistalled/installed as advised but google chrome is still the same.

i'm running mcafee antivirus and one thing i forgot to mention is that the day before google chrome went down i do remember a mcafee popup advising that google was 'trying to access the internet without permission, and do i want to block or allow access'. thought this was strange as i was already connected and was just on the actual google start page at the time. so clicked not to allow access in case it was a trojan.

maybe this is something to do with it.
anyone help at all?

  northumbria61 21:46 30 Apr 2010

I don't know what OS you are using but there was a problem the other day with a McAfee update - you may have read about it - it crashed a lot of computers using XP. However I don't thinks this applies to you.

It appears your Firewall may be blocking it and you need to allow access to Google Chrome.

  mikeyboy32 22:45 30 Apr 2010

thanks for the response.

well i've finally got google chrome working again and i'm not quite sure how! went into my firewall settings but didnt change anything at all and clicked out of mcafee. then noticed google chrome started working again. strange.

looks like its all ok now (hope it stays that way).

thanks all for your help.

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