Google Chrome Not Showing Most Visited Pages

  NeedHelpdotcom 17:55 07 Sep 2018

I just encountered this issue today, with Chrome not showing the grid displaying the sites you visit the most. It was working fine just last night, but now they're gone. Has anyone experienced anything similar/know the causes of this?

  ened 07:24 08 Sep 2018

Yup! I suspect, since I now know I am not the only one, that it must have been something they had changed overnight (06/07) by way of an upgrade. I wish they would give us the option because I am close to giving up on Chrome.

Yesterday I tried closing Chrome and rebooting but it remained the same.

This morning I went into settings and changed the 'On start-up' from 'Open the New Tab page' to 'Continue where you left off'. Closed Chrome and the frequently used pages were restored when I reopened it. I then went back into settings and resumed the button on 'Open the New Tab page'.

As I said I wish it would be possible to install the updates manually!

  NeedHelpdotcom 13:13 08 Sep 2018

It is working now for me as well. Seems like there was an update they did to the browser and it just took a while for it to sort itself out.

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