Google Chrome - No sound

  Border View 15:19 23 Nov 2012

I use Google Chrome as my main browser and hold IE in reserve. I've just noticed that I am not receiving any sound when I use Chrome. If I switch over to IE the sound comes through fine.

Can you please advise how to get Chrome to permit sound.

  Border View 15:26 23 Nov 2012

If I go onto Amazon and try listening to a sample from a CD nothing comes through. Just tried to watch a BT video clip and no sound on Chrom, but fine on IE. No sound effects on Sim City on Facebook.

  Border View 15:46 23 Nov 2012

Did a google search and it looks like a known problem. Off to look some more to see if I can find a solution. Will report back if I do.

  Border View 16:27 23 Nov 2012

Hi - I've downloaded the file you recommended Sea Urchin. I've been into Chrome plug ins and Flash must be enabled because the only thing I can see for it is to disable it.

Still no sound.

  Border View 16:28 23 Nov 2012

Hi woolwell - no using a desktop

  Border View 16:30 23 Nov 2012

Other than Firefox does anyone have suggestions for an alternative browser?

  Border View 16:36 23 Nov 2012

Read that article Woolwell. I have 4.1 speaker system but dont want to go messing about with settings. Think I shall just have to revert to IE until the bug is sorted out.

  Border View 11:46 24 Nov 2012

Hello and good morning. Although I only have 4.1 speakers, your suggestion to set it to 5.1 worked. I now have sound on Google Chrome.

Many thanks, especially Woolwell.

  alanrwood 13:20 24 Nov 2012

To test if flash is installed go to

This will test Shockwave and Flash and show the versions installed.

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