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Google Chrome New Bookmarks - Arranging in Alphabetical Order

  RegScriv 12:34 26 Apr 2015

Chrome has a new version of its Bookmarks, and now I cannot find a method of arranging the bookmarks in alphabetical order. Can anyone help?

  RegScriv 16:27 26 Apr 2015

The answer is to disable the new enhanced Bookmarks. 1. In your address bar type: //flags and hit Enter 2. Search for "Enable Enhanced Bookmarks". It's quite a long way down the list. 3. Change the drop down to Disabled 4. Restart Google Chrome 5. Your bookmarks manager should now be the familiar, sortable, draggable version.

  Batch 18:01 26 Apr 2015

Hadn't see that. What a complete disaster the new "method" is. Why is is that so many software suppliers seem to want to make everything bigger, with images and so on so that you have to scroll up and down the all the time. Even in the list mode, in the new set-up, everything is more spaced out. As for the tiled approach - how on earth can anyone find anything.

Quick access (via the address bar) to the option to disable:


That will take one straight to the option to disable the wreck. Then relaunch.

  alanrwood 19:26 26 Apr 2015

Yes the new style is an absolute disaster. Yesterday I tried for a long time to copy bookmarks from one folder to another and it always moved them not copied them.

Thanks for the tip regards getting the old style manager back.

  alanrwood 19:28 26 Apr 2015

Actually you need to type "about://flags"

  Batch 20:27 26 Apr 2015

chrome://flags/#enhanced-bookmarks-experiment works for me.

In fact doing about://flags chrome automatically changes it to chrome://flags

  alanrwood 20:42 26 Apr 2015

Hi Batch

Yes I agree. I was just correcting what was posted by RegScriv above where he says "In your address bar type: //flags and hit Enter" because that does not work without either about or chrome typed before it.

  bretsky 22:02 26 Apr 2015

You are a life saver, I wondered when this would come up, soooooo complected why? "if it aint broke don't fix it" springs to mind, now I'm finding bookmarks all over the shop, glad to see the old format back. Thank you again RegScriv.

  Batch 09:51 27 Apr 2015

Have to say that I'm going off Chrome. I originally moved to it because of the terrible performance of IE7 (and maybe IE6 - it was a long time ago). Subsequently I liked the idea of Chrome as it is available for Linux and Android (although the 'droid implementation is functionally quite different).

But I was never happy with the Chrome Bookmark capability on PCs. Furthermore, although it claims to be fast, simple and secure, the memory usage is very high (certainly when compared to IE11). Maybe Google are just assuming that everyone has top end PCs with powerful CPUs, fast disks and loads of RAM.

More and more they are pushing down the path of the Cloud and I fear that one will be forced to sign-in just to use Chrome.

On my tablet / phone I now use Boat browser (especially as the Bookmark management is much better and one can readily import / export from/to local storage. Chrome for 'droid does not support local export at all (one can use 3rd party apps [like Boat] to suck Chrome's bookmarks, but one cannot push bookmarks back the other way).

For a variety of reasons I do not wish to synchronise bookmarks between devices (using Chrome's Cloud services). Not least is the fact that I have well over 1000 bookmarks on my PC and do not want, in any way, to have these on Android devices - I don't need them there and navigating them on 'droid Chrome would be a nightmare.

Maybe I'll move to Firefox (or even back to IE)!

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