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Google Chrome Keeps Crashing / Freezing

  Scrivers 21:09 07 Dec 2016

Chrome keeps crashing & I have to re-start it. I've tried un-installing it and re-installing it without success, it still keeps crashing. Can anyone advise please

  mole44 05:14 08 Dec 2016

Your not the only one (Chrome freezes for no reason( , i'm heavens forbid thinking of going to another browser.If anyone knows the answer i too would be most gratefull

  Easterling 08:13 08 Dec 2016

One of the most popular web browsers users love is Google Chrome, yet in spite of all the feature updates and bug fixes, Chrome can be slow at times because of some of its features, extensions or applications. So try to disable Extensions.

  Scrivers 10:08 08 Dec 2016

I don't have any extensions, deliberately, because I know they can cause problems. I've downloaded & installed Firefox, but so far I'm not impressed

  Forum Editor 10:17 08 Dec 2016

Chrome has been acting up for me lately, as well. I have used it ever since it launched, and in my book it is the best browser by far. I'm not going to put up with its tantrums indefinitely, however, and will try others if I can't fix the problem.

My issue is 'Network error' messages, that are a fairly common cause of complaint. I have tried all the usual fixes, but so far nothing has been successful.

  Govan1x 10:34 08 Dec 2016


Firefox works well unfortunately in this day and age you have to run Adblock plus with it to get a better performance.

  bretsky 11:16 08 Dec 2016

Like you all, used Chrome for years and before that Opera, over the last week chrome browser has become unusable, eg when having 6 or more tabs open and I go back into my first tab, it becomes unresponsive with a window opening saying wait or kill page, even resetting it and adding extensions one at a time didn't work and setting a new wallpaper, the browser would just disappear back to the desktop, Have sent a report to Chrome, because I can't believe its only happening to a handful of people, I had thought it was a corrupt profile but then saw this posting. Hopefully they will rectify the bug in this latest version. In the meantime, have gone back to Opera, imported all my bookmarks etc etc, no problems, well done Opera!

  Scrivers 12:47 08 Dec 2016

I'll persevere with Firefox for a while & hope Chrome/Google will get its act together to fix the bug.

  mole44 05:35 10 Dec 2016

Per it's time Google went back to basics with their browser as per in the first iteration of it,my question has it become to "bloated".

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