Google Chrome has turned pink!

  Flak999 23:36 24 Jul 2018

Anyone else noticed this? I was browsing and closed chrome next time I opened it, it had updated itself to the latest version and the background has turned pink! I have not changed anything, I'm not running any themes, it is set to the default theme but it's now pink!

This only affects chrome all other browsers and windows desktop is normal.

  Flak999 23:54 24 Jul 2018

Nope, seen all of those links. None of those fixes applies!

  lotvic 00:22 25 Jul 2018

nVidia defaulting to 3D stereoscopic mode causes Chrome to go Pink click here

  wee eddie 08:40 25 Jul 2018

Sounds like you're running f.lux and have accidentally changed the screen temperature

  Flak999 10:30 25 Jul 2018

Hi all, none of those things. I was just using computer normally Chrome updated it self and restarted and everything is pink! I'm not running f.lux and the stereoscopic mode is not enabled in Nvidia control panel.

  Flak999 12:44 25 Jul 2018

Solved it! In the chrome settings menu click advanced, scroll down to 'use hardware settings when available' turn this off, relaunch Chrome voila! No more silly pink tinge.

Will mark this as solved.

  ettevyva 22:57 25 Jul 2018

Thank You !!! I've been trying all day to get rid of the pink. THIS solved the issue for me. Thank You, Again !!!

  stale_burrito 04:59 26 Jul 2018

Flak999 thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been furiously googling for an hour trying to fix this pink problem and it finally worked thanks to you.

  ettevyva 23:57 27 Jul 2018

When turning on the computer the next day, opening Chrome and on Facebook it was PINK AGAIN. I had to go back and TURN OFF that feature again. Apparently it defaults back when rebooting the computer. Not a big deal but a little irritating to have to redo the TURN OFF 'use hardware settings when available' AGAIN when it defaults and then relaunch

  Christopher Morris 00:19 28 Jul 2018

FIX: browse to chrome://flags/ and change "Force Color Profile" to sRGB. This will prompt for a Chrome restart after you make the change. Once Chrome restarts colors will be normal again.

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