Google Chrome getting worse, can you advise me please?

  Sneeze1 17:20 23 Oct 2014

I'm writing this through Explorer. I used to use Chrome on Windows 7 to read e-mails and surf the net, and use Explorer for online purchasing. Recently Chrome has refused to open up my yahoo mail, which I now have to do through explorer.

Also the page freeze after a couple of hours and I can't do anything with it. It won't even let me close pages and often comes up with a sign saying 'kill pages'. I notice tis happened when I visited Facebook which Chrome hates, I now visited through Explorer. It also hangs after a while of listening to Last FM.

I have tried uninstalling it but it just won't go. After several attempts it keeps saying to close down all open Chrome, but that's the prob, because it's already closed! I have removed some add on's in Chrome, but it's still rubbish. My intention is to re-install Chrome, but I can't if it won't go in the first place.

Can you advise me what to do please?

I have rang up a PC guy who first built me tower, but he got a bit impatient with me on the phone and said the phone call was chargable!

Is it me, or is Chrome really bad now?

  Woolwell 17:55 23 Oct 2014

I haven't had any problems with Chrome. Chrome doesn't hate Facebook. On my system it opens almost instantly. Therefore there must be something wrong with your installation or system.

Before trying to uninstall Chrome have you opened Task Manager to see if it is still lurking there eg Google Chrome Apps?

  Sneeze1 18:32 23 Oct 2014

What is task manager please?

  Woolwell 19:46 23 Oct 2014

What is your operating system?

Right click on the taskbar and start Task Manager then on the Processes tab look for Chrome.

  sunnystaines 09:04 24 Oct 2014

i do not use facebook, but have been getting regular freeze ups with chrome too. closing it down and reopening it seems to help for a while.

  Zak 10:51 24 Oct 2014

A simple solution is to Create a new browser user profile

in Chrome,which may have become corrupted.

1]: [click here

  Sneeze1 11:25 26 Oct 2014

What is your operating system?

Windows seven.

I'm STILL getting problems, especially when I run Chrome along side Explorer. Trying to play music and it'll stop and freeze and no amount of clicking with solve anything. Fed up to the back teeth with it, have rang up the place where I had my tower built, but they seem impatient to help and start telling me even the phone call is chargeable!

A simple solution is to Create a new browser user profile

Can you tell me what that does please?

I often have to reboot the tower now which is a damned nuicense, especially if I'm doing college work. Should I contact Sky broadband whom I'm with?

  Woolwell 15:42 26 Oct 2014

A new Chrome browser profile is useful if your original profile has become corrupted creating Chrome snags.

How much RAM do you have?

Sky will not be in the slightest interested as it seems to be a problem with your system rather then the broadband.

Do IE or Firefox on their own show the same problems?

Have you uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome?

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