Google Chrome doesn't work on Windows 10 PC

  tallboy 09:08 23 Mar 2017

I've tried - in vain - multiple times to load Google Chrome onto my 64-bit Windows 10 system. After downloading and installing the application from Google's website I get the usual 'Chrome is now installed' message and no error messages. However, when I click on the desktop Chrome shortcut I get a Windows error message: "Windows cannot find C:\Program files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Applications\chrome.exe." If I go directly to the chrome.exe file (which is in the Applications folder) I get the same error message. How do I fix this annoying problem? All suggestions are welcome!

  boyo123boyo 19:15 25 Mar 2017

Is Google Chrome being installed to the "C:Program files(x86)" folder?

If yes then you are installing the 32-bit version of Google Chrome. Try downloading and installing the 64-bit version instead. (Remove the 32-bit installation first)


  [DELETED] 19:43 25 Mar 2017

Check programs and features in control panel. Chrome should be in the list. Close programs and features.

Start in safe mode, preferably number 2 here , in safe mode go to programs and features and uninstall Chrome. Once completed reboot.

Re-install from here.

  tallboy 08:55 26 Mar 2017

Thanks for the posts. I tried both ideas, but sadly neither worked. Even though I downloaded & installed the 64-bit version (after first uninstalling the 'faulty' Google installation) it installed itself in the programs (x86). This resulted in the same Windows error message.

In contrast, I downloaded & installed the Vivaldi browser (which is also based on Chromium). This installed & works without a hitch, as does the Yandex browser.

Returning to the Google problem, I get a similar message after installing IOBit Uninstaller. The desktop icon for this takes you to a start screen bypassing the User Account Control. This causes the same sort of error. However, in this case, the same folder also has the application itself which operates via the UAC, so creating a desktop shortcut to this .exe file gets around the problem.

It's obviously a Windows problem (and since it has only recently started, it's probably come in via an update), but how to solve it is proving difficult!

  [DELETED] 10:30 26 Mar 2017

Try running the system file checker, link.

  tallboy 22:23 29 Mar 2017

Hi rdave13. I tried your suggestion, but the system file checker reported 'no errors found'. Any other suggestions to try?

  Ryan Stevens 10:03 30 Mar 2017

I also got this problem and I only restart my PC and then I download again Google Chrome, Install on my PC and after that its working perfect my PC still I'm using Google Chrome and never give me any problem.

  tallboy 22:03 30 Mar 2017

Thanks for the tip Micheal_123; sadly it did not work for me! The same persistent error occurs. I've now removed Google (again) and have made Vivaldi the default browser. (Ironically, this is also built on the Chromium browser engine.)

  Forum Editor 22:18 30 Mar 2017

"Windows cannot find C:\Program files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Applications\chrome.exe."

That's exactly where the Chrome folder should be. My machine is running the 64bit version of Windows 10 and Chrome has installed itself in that folder.

When you download Chrome, the installer auto-detects your windows version, and downloads the appropriate browser version.

  tallboy 09:21 31 Mar 2017

Yes; the Chrome folder is in the right place, but even if you go to that folder and click directly on the Chrome .exe file, you get the same error message! Somehow, Windows doesn't 'know' it's in the right place and doesn't act upon it.

  Ammad Yousaf 16:19 31 Mar 2017

well my dear friend it is a registry error download some registry error fixing software like ccleaner and tuneup utilities check for the registry errors fix then and then reboot your pc if you still face the same error or any other error let me know about that ok

i have to confirm one thing

can you search chrome on your taskbar do not open it just right click on it and check the properties and send me a snap shot some times there is a viruses attached to it shortcut file that is doing this kind of activities with your softwares for example i am sending you a sample image of infected chrome shortcut check if this exists with your chrome the image is below

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