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Google Chrome Browser

  rawprawn 09:33 02 Sep 2008

I thought it was supposed to be released today, anybody have any information?
click here

  muddypaws 15:17 04 Sep 2008

Early days I suppose, but has anyone found a way to get your gmail link on to the home page.
Or preferably get the mail box displayed as in iGoogle?

  muddypaws 15:27 04 Sep 2008

Having just seen the link to 'carpet bombing' I have un-installed Chrome. back to IE7.

  laurie53 11:25 07 Sep 2008

Update already available via the "about" option in the toolbox

  dms_05 11:41 07 Sep 2008

I've used Chrome for a few days now and it is very very good. I especially like the webpage search facility which not only shows recently visited pages but displays a few lines of text (as a normal Google search would) and shows a thumbnail of the pages to help you identify them. Very useful.

  morddwyd 19:39 18 Mar 2010

You'd be better off starting a new thread rather than resurrecting on that's eighteen months old.

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