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  rawprawn 09:33 02 Sep 2008

I thought it was supposed to be released today, anybody have any information?
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  Technotiger 09:38 02 Sep 2008

Dunno about Google Chrome, but have you looked at MultiMap, put your details in, just like Google, and then click on Birds' Eye View - a lot clearer and more detailed than Google Earth.

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  rawprawn 09:52 02 Sep 2008

Don't know what I am doing wrong, but all I get is a very small map bottom right and "Birds Eye View" is greyed out.

  Technotiger 09:56 02 Sep 2008

Unfortunately it does not cover the whole World, unlike Google. But it does cover UK and if you look in the drop-down list near Search, you will see it does cover quite a large part of the Globe.

For UK you can zoom in just as in Google. If you are in UK, just type in your Post Code and hit return.

  Technotiger 09:59 02 Sep 2008

You will at first be greeted with a normal map, then click on Birds Eye view. Clicking the curved arrows on either side will show the view of your location from N.S.E.and W.

  rawprawn 10:11 02 Sep 2008

Still not getting it,I have to go out but I will try again when I get back.

  laurie53 10:54 02 Sep 2008

Sorry rawprawn.

Cross posted

  Technotiger 10:55 02 Sep 2008

Hi, maybe it depends on where you live - my partner had her house re-decorated recently, and her front door is a very distinctive colour - it shows up very clearly in MultiMap birds-eye view.

  laurie53 10:57 02 Sep 2008

Could we get back to Chrome?

Anyone yet found it?

Google doesn't seem to have heard of it!

  Technotiger 11:04 02 Sep 2008

Birds Eye view is greyed out until you zoom in to a location.

  laurie53 11:30 02 Sep 2008

Most news stories expect it to be released today, but no mention of when or where!

We get used to this sort of hype from Bill, but somehow I expected better of Google.

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