Google Chrome & Vivaldi browsers fail to install

  tallboy 19:47 25 May 2019

I have a 32-bit Windows 10 tablet running version 1809. I have been unable to install both Google Chrome & Vivaldi browsers. With both browsers I get the error message: "The installer failed to uncompress the archive. Please download Chrome / Vivaldi again." I have tried doing so several times, but I always get the same result. I have no problem in updating Firefox or Opera. Looking at the Vivaldi web site it would appear that lots of people have had similar problems in the past, but there are no recent posts. (I'm trying to update from Vivaldi 2.1.1337.51 to 2.5.1525.43) Any ideas as how to fix this annoying problem are welcome.

  difarn 21:06 25 May 2019

You say that you want to update Vivaldi, assume you want to do the same with Chrome. Have you tried uninstalling the earlier versions before trying new downloads? Could it be your antivirus that is causing the problem?

  tallboy 00:00 27 May 2019

Thanks for the quick reply difarn. Yes, I have tried deleting the installed version first and turning off my Kaspersky AV whilst I try installing the latest version. Unfortunately, I still got the same result - failure to uncompress the archive.

Any other ideas to try?

  difarn 10:38 27 May 2019

It seems like a common problem at the moment.

Have a look at these comments - towards the bottom of the list two posters have found a work-around.

click here

  tallboy 10:49 29 May 2019

Thanks for the further post & link difarn; sadly the solutions did not work for me! When I tried the Troubleshooter (right mouse click on the .exe file) for both Google & Vivaldi I got: "Error occurred whilst loading the Troubleshooter. The troubleshooting Wizard can't continue." Error Code 0x80070057. I downloaded the offline install version of Google, but when I tried to install that as the Administrator, I got the same message as I originally did. I then downloaded Google's logging tool and tried again, until the install failed. I have now emailed the log to Google to see if they have a solution - for Google at least. Since the problem is common to both Google Chrome & Vivaldi, I suspect it is Windows 10 incompatibility problem. Hopefully I'll have more success installing both of them when I have updated to version 1903, which should be distributed any day now. If you have any other ideas to try, please post them here. Thanks.

  x13 11:16 29 May 2019

Are you using Windows Defender?

  tallboy 16:07 29 May 2019

Hi X13. No. I use Kaspersky Total Security (KTS). I have tried installing with KTS switched off, but it didn't make any difference. Is Windows Defender known to 'screw up' these installations? I suppose there is a possibility that it could switch on automatically when I turn off KTS.

  x13 23:23 29 May 2019

If you have Kaspersky then my theory is dead anyway:) Problem I had was with TomTom's My Drive Connect. Drive Connect would open and connect to the 'net and connect to the TomTom. Wouldn't update though as servers always busy error. After banging my head against a brick wall for a while I found the culprit was Defender's Controlled Folder access under Ransomware protection. Disabled that temporarily and bingo. Even though disabling an AV should be total I do believe that self defence services still run in the background. I know that Defender still 'runs' and updates and you can still run periodic scans even with Kaspersky running and it shows as disabled. Same goes with Kaspersky and any other AV.

  tallboy 09:32 30 May 2019

x13; The peculiar thing is that I have no problem in updating either Firefox or Opera! I can work without Google & Vivaldi as the tablet PC in question is only used for holidays. Both Google & Vivaldi work (& update) fine on my Deskto PC.

  difarn 18:18 30 May 2019

I don't know if you have come across the fix in this article about repairing the .NET Framework.

click here

  Secret-Squirrel 09:16 31 May 2019

I downloaded the offline install version of Google,.......

Boot into Windows "Safe Mode" and try the offline installer again. There are fewer things running in that mode so there's less chance of anything interfering with the installation.

It's worth a try and it can't make things worse.

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