Google chrome (& IE) not working

  Jo2001 13:41 04 Dec 2013

Hi Firstly let me say that I am not technical.

Yesterday I connected a new external hard drive to my PC and copied all my stuff. Got a message saying all successful except something called "omibox" (I think). Now I cannot access th internet via google Chrome or IE, I know my internet connection working as I am using it to post this.

Can anyone help? Thanks Jo

  Graphicool1 13:56 04 Dec 2013

Hi, have you tried re-installing Chrome and/or IE?

  Jo2001 14:02 04 Dec 2013

This maybe an extremely stupid reply to your question, but if de-install it how can I re install without having a search engine (ie google chrome or IE) to get download?

  northumbria61 14:15 04 Dec 2013

You should always have another browser installed for that very reason even if you never use it.

  Jo2001 14:19 04 Dec 2013

Thank you for that piece of advise. When I have the issue resolved I will take it.

  rdave13 14:41 04 Dec 2013

Which os? Try troubleshooting from the 'Acton Centre'.

  northumbria61 14:42 04 Dec 2013

Omnibox is part of Google Chrome which is why Graphicool1 probably suggested re-installing Google Chrome. Or you could try re-setting Internet Explorer.

  Jo2001 14:48 04 Dec 2013

rdave13 - windows xp

  rdave13 14:48 04 Dec 2013

Try a portable browser. Download to a flash drive from another PC then connect the drive and run the .exe. Portable firefox.

If ok then you can try uninstalling Chrome and then reinstall. In Internet explorer go to tools, cog icon, internet options, advanced tab and reset interner explorer. If all fails try a system restore.

  Jo2001 14:49 04 Dec 2013

northumbria - how do I do that?

  Jo2001 15:02 04 Dec 2013

rdave13 - windows xp

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