Google chrome by accident

  Truronian 21:47 23 Nov 2010

I seem to have downloaded Google chrome by accident and have lost all my favourites. How do i restore to the previous version of google that i ws running on XP?

  GaT7 22:23 23 Nov 2010

You can try a System Restore (SR) to a point before you installed Google Chrome.

Probably won't work as SR doesn't restore data - in this case data in your profile - but you never know.

Btw, what does 'the previous version of google' mean? G

  KremmenUK 07:04 24 Nov 2010

There are various 'upgrade' apps that offer other products during the install process if your not careful and untick the option.

Adobe Reader X, Java - watch all of them like a hawk

  Peter 08:20 24 Nov 2010


CCleaner has recently added a Chrome installation, when you install/update it, unless you turn off the option and opt out.

Have you recently made changes to CCleaner?


  Truronian 11:12 24 Nov 2010

Hi all! yes I recently updated CCleaner. I guessed that was the problem. Can I safely remove Google Chrome from Add/Remove programs in Control Panel? All I want is "Google-Windows Internet Explorer" back again with all my favourites listed for me.

  lucky1 11:26 24 Nov 2010

I had a lot of problems with Google Chrome. I safely uninstalled it using add/remove programs. Immediately it takes you to the Google Chrome site where they ask you why you are leaving them!! Just ignore that though.

  Sea Urchin 11:50 24 Nov 2010

You will still have Internet Explorer on your system - it's just that you now have 2 browsers instead of one.

If you don't have a link to IE on the desktop then go to Start - All Programs - and select Internet Explorer

  BT 16:47 24 Nov 2010

..and you can import your favourites from IE to Google Chrome if you wish.
Click on the 'spanner' icon, choose 'options' and 'personal stuff' and 'Import favorites from another browser'

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