Google Chrome

  ordep 16:10 18 Mar 2010


I've just uninstalled the above, and now I cant access my email.

  iscanut 16:20 18 Mar 2010

If you reinstall it, can you access email ? I do not understand why the browser should interfere. What email client do you use ?

  ordep 16:23 18 Mar 2010

Hi iscanut, thanks for your reply.

I'm with O2 but my email is a via Zen.
I think I need to log into the W7 email client (Live?) again, but I cant see were.

  iscanut 17:23 18 Mar 2010

This is my path to Windows Live. I think it is the default when it is installed. Have a search for the file wlmail.exe.

"C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Mail\wlmail.exe"

  ordep 18:54 18 Mar 2010

Many thanks iscanut.
Followed your recommended path and was able to sign in, all back to normal again.
Thanks again

  iscanut 20:18 18 Mar 2010

You are welcome !

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