google chrome

  25paul 07:09 12 Sep 2008

anyone finding that chrome is better than internet explorer ?
i have been using it for only 1 day and i don't think i'd go back to i.e.
chrome is so much quicker than i.e. which was causing lots of problems for me lately. mainly crashing, taking ages to load pages and being generally unreliable.
give google chrome a try, i think you might be surprised !

  laurie53 08:01 12 Sep 2008

Yes. Never use IE anyway but Chrome is good.

Be aware however that it is a beta.

  dms_05 08:52 12 Sep 2008

I've been using Chrome for the past week and it's now my browser of choice. In fact it's led me to start using other Google features such as Mail, Calendar and Documents - and they integrate well. Chrome looks the way forward and for a first beta attempt is very good. I like the way each tab is a separate task so if one crashes it doesn't take down the whole browser.

  crosstrainer 08:58 12 Sep 2008

I'm trialling it vs firefox and IE, it is really slow by comparison. High spec sli XP pro machine.

Pages take longer to load than in either of the others. I like the right click spell checker though, and after all it is still a BETA version.

  jolorna 10:14 12 Sep 2008

another updaye to it not sure if its still a beta as its not saying click here

  ^wave^ 10:48 12 Sep 2008

looked at the google page and it says beta xp sp2 does that mean sp3 not supported

  kalignorgna 10:55 12 Sep 2008

thats google desktop not crome mate

  kalignorgna 10:57 12 Sep 2008

have any of you ended up with maleware or popups using crome or is it better then the PCA news storys?

  ^wave^ 11:04 12 Sep 2008

nope looked at it again
click here
it does say vista xp sp2

  morgueman 11:07 12 Sep 2008

Can you use the google chrome alongside IE7 or would you have to uninstall IE& first?
Apologies if this is a silly question!

  kalignorgna 11:10 12 Sep 2008

chrome is a internet browser same as firefox, orpra and IE

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