Google Calendar time zones - please help!

  ZJ1990 20:48 11 Jan 2017

Hi there, A novice question but hugely grateful for advice! I am trying to organise a meeting between myself (UK based) and a client (US based) to take place in Switzerland in a few weeks' time. On Google calendars, if I set the time zone for the meeting to Swiss time, will the meeting then automatically show at the correct time once we both arrive in Switzerland? E.g. if I arrange the meeting for 5pm, it'll show as 4pm GMT in my diary and 12 midday ET in his - but once we both arrive in Switzerland will it show 5pm? Does it matter if he isn't on Google Calendars? Thank you so much in advance, Z

  Burn-it 18:00 12 Jan 2017

Only if you change the time to local times in you machines.

  Forum Editor 10:16 13 Jan 2017

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