is google buzz responcable for gmail spam?

  Jwbjnwolf 12:21 02 Dec 2010

I have gmail and yahoo and i used to have hushmail until it was unactivated as i didn't go in it enough, and my mum has orange.
Orange, yahoo, and hushmail never have spam except one's that ain't spam and i wonder why gmail does but as i have created an account for my mum. and i removed google buzz from her account as my mum would not like that, but it seems as so she isn't getting any spam unlike me who gets lots in gmail.
But if i remove google buzz from my account, is it likely that i will get less spam as alot less random people would be able to find me?
as i have noticed that with google buzz, you type the name and it goes through all the members with that name, just like facebook does.
I know that lots of people use gmail and that is likely to be another reason but i am so fed up with stuff like 'someone hot on facebook is looking for you' and things like that which im certain is due to people finding me on buzz ain't it?

  gengiscant 12:57 02 Dec 2010

I use Gmail,no idea what Google buzz is,but I am assuming I haven't got it or are using it.
As for spam I get about 10 a day, which I do not think is bad as I am not particularly careful where I post at least one of my email addresses, I do, like most people have several email addresses which are all centered on my Gmail account.

  Jwbjnwolf 13:05 02 Dec 2010

Go into settings,
Is there a tab saying buzz?

  gengiscant 13:20 02 Dec 2010

I have no need to look as whatever Buzz is,I don't want it.

  Jwbjnwolf 13:22 02 Dec 2010

ok, just wondering if you have it without relising you have it as i didn't at first

  Jwbjnwolf 18:47 02 Dec 2010

you know that gmail will automatically delete spam after 30days?
can change that to straight away or at least till after an hour or so, just like you can with yahoo?

  gengiscant 18:53 02 Dec 2010


  Jwbjnwolf 19:54 02 Dec 2010

Ok. will see how i can do that and if i cannot find how to, i will ask.

  gengiscant 08:06 03 Dec 2010

My apologies I did not realize you were asking a question, I thought you were making a statement.

I do not think that you can alter the 30 day setting for spam deletion, which is hardly necessary as you can quite easily delete all spam with a couple of mouse clicks.

  Jwbjnwolf 17:01 04 Dec 2010

still getting spam unfortuntlyeven all though got rid of google buzz.
what is the best anti-spam thing around?
will it remove all the spam that comes in to gmail or will it only stop the spam from being downloaded via email program as i mainly use mozilia thunderbird but also set it up with outlook express which is alot slower than thunderbird is at recieving mail.

  gengiscant 17:27 04 Dec 2010

The only foolproof way to stop spam is not to have an email address. spam is part of life unfortunately,there are programs that will filter some or even a lot it out,but at the end of the day you will have to learn to live with it.

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