Google background

  john bunyan 17:53 10 Jun 2010

Today Google has a massive pictorial background to the home page. There is an option in the bottom left to change it but this requires signing in etc. I Just want the old plain background and do not want to sign in etc.. Any ideas? (IE8, W7)

  Pineman100 17:56 10 Jun 2010

I quite like it for a change.

But I shouldn't go to a great deal of bother to try and remove it - Google are bound to change it again before long.

  march 18:01 10 Jun 2010

read somewhere that its just for today! lets hope so! but at mo cant find website that I read it on

  march 18:02 10 Jun 2010

found it

click here

  john bunyan 18:10 10 Jun 2010

Thanks. Very annoying they did not include a simple delete backgroung option.Hope they will do so - I do not want to sign in.

  Sea Urchin 18:26 10 Jun 2010

As it says on march's link - just sign in to - gives you google uk without the background.

  john bunyan 18:28 10 Jun 2010

The background has just dissapeared!!

  octal 18:28 10 Jun 2010

I wondered what everyone was talking about because I can't see it, then I realised I use iGoogle and it doesn't come up on there.

  mooly 18:33 10 Jun 2010

It's just gone back to normal 18.30 hours BST... and I miss it... looks very stark now.

Agree about the signing in bit... I read the Google info and actually put that on the feedback form why Google ??? why sign in ???

  Pineman100 12:33 11 Jun 2010

Told ya so - ;o)

click here

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