Google account transfer / email change?

  joshhazzord 03:00 26 Mar 2018


So i have a primary email address that i use for everything it was for the longest time my google account email. At some point in time i created a gmail account and had to add it to my phone i needed it for a quick temp account to do something but some how i ended up making it my email for my google account...

As far as i know i cant change the email linked to my google account now that its a gmail account that is linked. If i try logging with my old main email it works but shows the new gmail account. Its causing a bunch if issues as i dont want people seeing the name of the email. I am aware that i can download the data but my youtube subs and recomend shit will go also my google play account will be fucked i have a bunch of app progress saved plus stuff i have purchased.

Please help...

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