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  scotty 15:05 19 Aug 2008

I was thinking of opening a Google Account to get access to some of Google's free offerings (primarily the online calendar). I searched for information and reviews but could find very little which did not date back to the introduction of the GMail service. Can anyone tell me about the benefits of Google's services and warn me about any downsides (privacy, adverts)? Would it be better to sign up for GMail when I open the account or are there advantages to using an existing (non GMail) address?

  Clapton is God 15:20 19 Aug 2008

Gmail has a damn good spam filter

  gel 15:49 19 Aug 2008

I have been using Googlemail for over 2 years.
'Never delete another email' so they say
My email box is currently 198MB which is only 2% of what I can have.
Yes the filter for spam is very good. The messages can be deleted as you wish or they are automatically deleted when 30 days old
A lot of the add ons are excellent
I use Firefox and yet an add enables me to open in IE to see Microsoft updates , for instance.
You can get alerts sent from the calendar to your email address if wanted.
I cannot think of any down side but I dare say others will list them
Give it a try, you can always ditch it, It costs nothing
Good luck

  €dstowe 15:53 19 Aug 2008

I've had a personal gmail account for many years and have no complaints at all. I also use Google checkout which is an extremely convenient way to pay for Internet purchases - far better and much less intrusive than PayPal.

  scotty 13:22 20 Aug 2008

Thanks for replies.

I had heard that the Gmail spam filter was good (although I have had a Virgin email for years that is spam free) but I was not particularly looking for Gmail. Having said that, I might make use of the storage a Gmail account offers. It is good to get confirmation that people who use Gmail have positive things to say.

€dstowe, you have reminded me that I bought something using Google checkout when it was first introduced. I must check to see if that means I already have a Google account!

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