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Googla ads on Firefox Homepage

  thumbscrew 23:01 31 May 2014

A new ad has appeared on my FF Homepage, it's flashing away and informs me that my PCs performance is poor and invites me to click for more information. Clicking on a small arrow at the top informs me it's a Google ad and to remove it there's an uninstall process. However when I follow it a message appears telling me it can't proceed because my cookies aren't enabled...trouble i, they are enabled so I find myself stuck. Can anyone advise and by the way I have Adblock installed and it's working.

  thumbscrew 23:37 31 May 2014

Thanks jock1e I've only got Google update there that's all. Updated MWB earlier to 20.2.1012 and ran a clear scan then.

  thumbscrew 23:50 31 May 2014

Thanks rdave, actually I do use Chrome from time to time, having said that how would removing the update stop the ad?

  thumbscrew 00:08 01 Jun 2014

I've only got the Google update showing in FF, just disabled it but the ad's still there.

  thumbscrew 00:18 01 Jun 2014

Thanks rdave

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