Goods damaged by accident and PC WORLD

  whisked 16:48 22 Mar 2003

My external cd burner which i bought 3 months ago from PC WORLD, has packed in, i think as a result of a recent fall. Where do i stand under its warranty, ie can i get it fixed for no charge under warranty, or will that only be the case if i dont mention the fall and they cant prove it was dropped?

Any advice?

  VoG™ 16:52 22 Mar 2003

Might it be covered by your household contents insurance, dropped or not?

  whisked 17:29 22 Mar 2003

Not sure VOG, i thought i would try the shop first. Noone else damaged something under warranty?

  graham 17:47 22 Mar 2003

Just take it back and say it's stopped working. With any luck they will give you a new one and throw the old one in the skip. It is not economical to pay someone to investigate the fault.

  whisked 17:53 22 Mar 2003

Might just try that Graham

I have the receipt only, cant seem to find any warranty or guarantee, will that be enough?

  Diemmess 18:01 22 Mar 2003

Up to you....It IS possible that it just stopped working.

It's a morality thing really. If your conscience will allow you to fight then do so it might prove something about PCW's aftersales service.

My daughter provided a notebook from Novatech for her Public School son......He brought it home first day with a screen damaged and leaking jelly stuff. She believed him when he denied any rough handling.

Novatech were not exactly delighted, but she persisted and after having returned it and a smallish delay they replaced the computer .........To their everlasting credit in my opinion.

  Ellie3009 18:06 22 Mar 2003

PC world are unlikely to try and repair something the price of this, so unless there is any visible external damage you would probably just get a replacement.

I suppose, as Diemmess says, it's a matter for your conscience!

  whisked 18:13 22 Mar 2003

Morals, what are they? :)

There is not a mark on it and when it did fall it fell on a soft carpet, but there is no other explanation as to why it has stopped working. The only bit that may be difficult is that like i say i only have the receipt and the box, no polysterine packing or any sort of plastics bags now. I hope they dont start saying something like ' we can only replace or repair it with guarantee and orginal packing'!

  professor 19:49 22 Mar 2003

just take it back dont mention anything of the fall jus say it stopped working haveing just the receipt is fint too as its proof you got it from them.


  Djohn 19:59 22 Mar 2003

Don't even need the receipt, if you tell them aprox. when you bought it, they will bring it up on their PC.

I took back a faulty Item only the other week, No packing, no receipt.

They asked when I bought it and I gave an approx. date. They checked and said, " Ah! yes you also bought a pack of CD pens at the same time".

No problem, would you like a replaement or refund! J.

  whisked 21:18 22 Mar 2003

Thats what ill do djohn, wish me luck!

Cheers for all the replies


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