Goodmans G-Shot Digital Camera MP4- At my wits end

  Sulalee 02:23 11 Sep 2005

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I bought one of the above digital cameras a few months ago. I was delighted with it. It was easy to use and the instructions and installation were very simple.

You can use it to take still images, record sound or take mini-movies.

I used it once to take a movie. Following the instructions, I plugged it into the back of my PC and then plugged the other end of the cable into the camera. A box popped up offering a number of options for the relevant drive. The instruction manual said to choose "Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer" and to click OK. I did this and the file downloaded to my PC. It looked as though it had worked perfectly but there was no sound.

I tried upgrading some drivers (A friend suggested upgrading DivX, which I did - sorry, I don't really know what that means, I just went to the site and upgraded the drivers.) It seemed to work because there was sound and I thought all was well.

But the next time I tried to download from the camera there was no pop up box. The computer doesn't seem to respond at all when the camera is plugged in.

I tried to open it by going to My Computer and opening the drive but it just offers me a list of cameras, none of which is mine.

I've also noticed on returning to the movie I did manage to d/l the first time I used the camera that the sound has gone again.

So now I have a camera that won't download what's in it because my PC doesn't seem to recognise that it's there (though the drive does show that it's plugged in) and I can't find the receipt to take it back and can't use the camera to take more mini movies because it's full up.

I bought it because my mum is very ill and I wanted to have some movie footage of her speaking. I am desperately keen to get the little bit of film I've recorded of her downloaded to my PC, so that I can film some more as soon as possible, while there's time.

I tried the Goodmans website but it's dire. There's very little information.

Could anyone here help me please? I'm absolutely at a loss what to try next. It's driving me crazy - as you can probably tell what with me posting this at 2.30 in the morning!

(The disc that came with the camera downloads very little to the PC and has very little on it. There's a manual and DivX drivers and that's it. I've reinstalled a number of times but it hasn't worked.)

Thank you for your help.

  ICF 06:22 11 Sep 2005

What operating system are you using xp?
Have you got any details about your computer.Motherboard type ?

  ICF 06:34 11 Sep 2005

Just thought of a simple quick solution.Buy a SD/ MMC card and a card reader then you don't have to connect the camera to your computer.

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  DerekR 09:34 11 Sep 2005

I had a Goodmans sureshot a while agao - I remember having problems with the software that came with it - I had to re-install it over and over again to get the images off the camera. Try Uninstalling the software you have on your computer, then reinstalling from scratch all over again.

You may well have corrupted the original drivers by downloading and installing the wrong ones.

As an after thought - the files are actually still on the camera?? Obviously if they have been accidentally deleted, the software will not detect anything to download....

  jack 10:33 11 Sep 2005

If your PC is running XP, then the best advice for digital camera users is to leave the software disk in the box.
Or if you have installed it- uninstall it

XP has all you need to download data from digi cams.
The provided software simply muddies the water very often.................
So uninstall the software...................
plug in camera.........................
My computer will show a new drive.................
Open it...............................
Transfer the files..............................
Play them.................................

Let Windoze do the work

  Sulalee 21:27 16 Sep 2005

Thanks for your help. I've already reinstalled and uninstalled until I'm blue in the face. I'll try uninstalling the s/w and then letting xp do it for me. I'll keep my fingers crossed! :)

thank you.

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