Good website images application?

  Trolley 18:58 17 Oct 2004

Hi everyone.

I am in the process of designing a website for my local theatre. I am able to create all the pages and insert text, tables, forms and evrything else I require, but i still need to insert some images and create some images for the buttons and the titles.

Can anyone recommend a piece of sofwtare that is suitable for this type of job? I have a limited budget and preferably would not want to spend any money on it, but I would be interested to hear any suggestions regardless of cost none-the-less.

Thanks in advance.

  ALLnicksAREinUSE 12:46 19 Oct 2004

I think you can download a Fully functional trial version click here and look around.

I use photoshop for almost every image. It's not that hard to use either

  ALLnicksAREinUSE 12:48 19 Oct 2004

One main thing i forgot to mention which was the main reason for me posting was that photoshop has great image compression. It's ideal for webisites as the file size of images will be smaller. (man i sound like an american representative, sum1 slap me)

  Greenhill 13:57 20 Oct 2004

I've just started trying out Xara Webstyle 4 trial version.Simple & effective.Not expensive to buy either.
click here


  Trolley 15:59 20 Oct 2004

Thanks everyone.

I believe I'll opt for Adobe PhotoShop. Thanks for the other suggestion though Tina.

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