good video capturing solution?

  Xevious 20:23 14 Nov 2004

any recomendations please? i'm importing my home video's to PC but whenever it exports onto DVD, it is very pixelised whenever there's movement...

am importing from my Digital8 camcorder, using the iLink firewire connection, and have tried on different PC's as follows:

1st PC: AMD XP 1800+ overclocked A LOT to 2200Mhz, 512Mb RAM, 80Gb HDD
2nd PC: Pentium 4 2.6Ghz, 512Mb RAM, 80Gb HDD

thought the issue on PC1 may have been due to scale of overclocking, so tried on 2nd PC but same problem!

importing video using Roxio Easy CD/DVD 6 as well as Nero 6.6

there must be a solution somewhere?

  MichelleC 20:27 14 Nov 2004

One tip is to turn off all background progs you can, including firewall(yep), av, system restore, etc. Also make sure DMA is enabled on all drives, and it's best to capture to another partition with main capture prog on system drive. Also increase paging file to 2-3 times ram total. All these help to eliminate dropped frames and pixalation.

  Xevious 20:33 14 Nov 2004

thx, most of that is as sugested.
partitioned the 80Gb drive to 20Gb system drive with an empty 60Gb drive which i use to capture to.
all progs are not active. in fact i formatted the drive and reinstalled WinXP this evening, installed nothing else but these progs previously mentioned.

one thing i will do is to increase the page file, thx.

any more tips would be appreciated!

  john-232317 22:01 14 Nov 2004

I have tried a few different programs and never had this happen,so cant really help, but i think the best proggie so far has to be Ulead movie factory, easy to use and free 30 day trial, it may help.

  Tenacious Green 22:06 14 Nov 2004

Try Pinnacle Studio 9. I've only used it for CD but It claims to write DVD's at good quality. CD's were good if it helps.

It is aslo designed for the job, unlike Roxio, Nero which are multi-function burning software.

  Xevious 23:03 14 Nov 2004

thx, will give both movie factory and pinnacle studio 9 a bash!

  MichelleC 08:23 15 Nov 2004

Here's a couple of freebie dv editors click here and click here

Pixalation can also be due to operating system not quite right, or 1 guy found one of his fans coming on when capturing caused this.

  scotty 09:36 15 Nov 2004

Are you seeing the pixilation when you play the DVD on the PC or when you play it on a DVD player linked to a TV? You sometimes see problems on the PC but the image is fine when played on TV.

  Xevious 09:49 15 Nov 2004

thx, but it's the opposite... on PC it looks fine, DVD on TV is pixelated.

funny turn of events: next app i tried was adobe premiere elements, and that was the same, so as a last resort i used windows movie maker, which creates an mpeg file, which i burnt to dvd using roxio, and that was fine!!!

ideally i want to use premiere elements as i can then edit/add titles/bkgrnd music...etc but it doesn't recognise movie maker's mpeg files... sigh

what a long-winded affair...

  GroupFC 21:22 15 Nov 2004

"edit/add titles/bkgrnd music." - in MM2 can do all of these, so why not have a go with that. A couple of sites I have found useful are click here and click here

One word of warning MM2 can be a bit "flaky" so make sure you shut down as much as possible in the way of background progs.

  woodchip 21:25 15 Nov 2004

Get a TV card and connect your camera to the Arial socket

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