Is this a good tip?

  bertiecharlie 14:11 29 Apr 2004

This site click here
gives tips on Windows ME. One tip is to delete the Install Folder which is in the Options Folder which is in the Windows Folder, (lot of Folders), as long as the ME CD is available for future installation if required.

I only have about 130mb of free disk space and deleting this Folder will free up 156mb.

What do you think?

  Xevious 14:14 29 Apr 2004

as it says, as long as you have the installation CD available if needed...

you'll need this whenever windows needs to install new drivers...etc

  spuds 14:23 29 Apr 2004

When you delete or remove anything, always make sure that the method used will not cause other problems.Always think before you go into delete mode.Regular simple maintenance procedures can recover lost space.

  bertiecharlie 14:45 29 Apr 2004

Xevious & Spuds. Thanks for advice. Managed to nab the computer genius who works in the office next door.

We, or he, decided just to delete the compressed Cabinet Files in the Folder just to be on the safe side. (He did think it would probably be safe to delete the whole folder but was quite sure about the Cabinet Files).

Free disk space has shot up by 149mb. I'll be able to sleep at night now.


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