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A good spec for editing video?

  1936 17:39 15 Aug 2007

Its time to buy a new machine just to use for transfering family VHS tapes to the computer to edit them and to build slide shows form loads of photographs that I have.
I understand that Vista is not recomended for such work so I want XP and I also understand that I need an extra hard drive of about 500GB

I see Dual core 2 and Quad -core processors mentioned but I don't know which is the most effective.

Mesh recomend the Mesh Elite Prestige Duo
Dell recomend a Dell Dimension 920
Neither appear inclined to give me XP so I would welcome and idears.

  1936 18:56 21 Aug 2007

I went into Paint and found the following:
Width 2048
Height 1360
resolution 96X96 dots per inch.

  eedcam 23:03 21 Aug 2007

Of course video is composed of nonsquare Pixels as opposed to other imagery . Pal is 786x576 and the pixels are106% wider than tall for 4x3 and 142% wider for widescreen fortunately Adobe converts the square pixels to non square automatically. Sme other figures to ponder Pal video non square 786x576 pixel widescreen is app.=in size to a graph that measures 1220 x576 square pixels. I am quoting this from a book just in case it helps

  eedcam 13:18 22 Aug 2007

No Prob Holme if its a Typo its in their book ha! as For the wide screen that also is a la book would'nt think these guys were wrong .Possibly as its in a section covering inserting stills to a video clip the terms of reference are different
They are talking as in a graph

Fortunately with adobe its all done for you mostly

You may find this article of interest and there they do mention 1220x576 as pal widescreen

click here@

  eedcam 18:34 22 Aug 2007

Holm I'll take your word for it all I know is I have no problems putting any shape stills Whether I do aslide show or a video with some stills for panoramic ie groups or landscape with pan an zoom in as I said adobe takes care of it I suppose it might depend on whether you are working in wide screen or 4x3 good lick with the number crunching

  eedcam 13:14 13 Nov 2007

John you might be better starting a new Thread it may well be Vista related

  woodchip 14:12 13 Nov 2007

The latest Pinnacle burns wide screen video

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