good spam email blocker

  mco 13:09 26 May 2006

Can anyone recommend a good program to block spam emails to my site? (I'm thinking of something that puts your website email address into a code that spambots can't read but normal people can) Iknow you shouldn't add a link to click on for people to email you, but my site is mainly for young students and it is easier for them to do that than be forced to type out by hand the email. I've been getting some spam with variousnames @ mywebsite's domain address the last couple of days and I want to kill it dead. Thanks

  ade.h 16:07 26 May 2006

I have some obfuscation code provided to me by John in a recent thread. I'll see if I can find it; if not, I'm sure John will reply when he's about these parts.

  ade.h 16:47 26 May 2006

Got it.

click here There's a link in that thread, though as John states, it's not 100% proof. And to correct myself, the link was orginally provided by Dio S.

Also, click here for use with PHP contact forms. This prevents the form being hijacked for spam use.

  mco 19:25 26 May 2006

That should do the trick, I hope - will go and try it now thanks!(I won't click resolved for a few days mind...)

  Amadas 18:29 28 May 2006


I've used Javascript and/or HTML characters to generate email addresses.

click here
click here

Try hard coding the @ sign with @. If you're using an editor such as dreamweaver, you'll need to be in "code view".

The reason you still may be getting spam is due to the fact that the site has already been archived by the spambots. Also check the whole site to ensure the @ sign is not present anyhwere from previous or forgotten edits. When I first did this I was also having the same problem until I located a folder on the site that still had an email address on it using the @ sign. It will take a while for the spamming to decrease, but it will decrease.


  Amadas 18:32 28 May 2006

Ok, we'll try this @ sign thing again.

& # 64 ;

I had to space them so it would show up as the actual @ sign. Be sure there are no spaces when you use it.


  Djohn 23:29 12 Jun 2006

Use a contact form instead. It places a reply form on your site so that when the person clicks on it they get a form to fill in giving their name email address and a short message. Will stop spiders from picking up your address as there is no email address to pick up. Also stops spammers in general as they would have to spam you manually every time and they would soon get fed up of that.
click here

  mco 23:45 12 Jun 2006

I like this idea better than the obfuscation actually Djohn - will follow your link over the weekend thanks. I know netobjects has ready made forms (but I don't always trust their ready made stuff)

  ade.h 16:42 13 Jun 2006

Thanks for that John.

I've already found that site very useful and easier to follow than any other PHP site.

It's nice to see you around here again; taking a break from modding the Computer Trouble forum, eh?

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