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  Paul2008 23:26 10 Jan 2009

I am running XP SP3 on a Athlon Dual Core 4850e processor with 4GB RAM. (3 recognised). Gigabyte 6Quad S series AMD 7 series motherboard.
The system is 2 months old and it feels like it has hiccoughs. I have always felt that there was some basic incompatability in the system and the shop copied my hard drive and gave me a new system but this still doesn't feel that it runs "right" or fast enough. The system is an "own shop" build.
I have broadband at 16mb and it doesn't seem much faster than 6mb I have just upgraded from.
I have few programmes installed MS Office, Serif DTP, Works basically.
Have done a few little registry bits like cutting down the shut-down time but not much else.
The new installation doesn't feel any faster than the old one and the new PC doesn't seem any faster (except searching for a file) than my old PC which was 3 years old and ran an Athlon 2800 with 1GB RAM. (Same XP version)
Am I expecting too much from a new PC???
My next thought is to do a Registry Clean and so what would you suggest?
Or anything I could do either to check the sytem or to tweak it.

  brundle 00:38 11 Jan 2009

Registry cleaners are never the answer to basic problems, those and "defrag" are the snakeoil approach to problem fixing. Check process CPU percentages in Task Manager, check memory use, check HD performance click here

For everyday tasks, you won't notice a huge increase in performance.

Check Fruitbat's contributions for some things to check (even tho he lists registry cleaners at the top of the list); click here

  Pastor Joe 11:30 11 Jan 2009

I swear by Ccleaner and it's free. Google for it.

  birdface 13:25 11 Jan 2009

This is about the best freebie. click here it will only repair 10 items at a time but you can run it as often as you like.It also does an automatic back up.Well worth trying.Some like it and buy the full version.It has other things like registry defrag etc on it that you can use.It is the optimizer that you want.

  john bunyan 14:17 11 Jan 2009

I use Eusing and CCleaner (both free) Eusing finds a lot more stuff.After a recent uninstall of Photoshop CS3 and install of CS4 it found 1100 items to fix.

  alexartox 11:55 28 Apr 2009

Try TuneXP 1.5, it's free and I love it!

>> click here <<

You may want to try these free registry cleaners too:

>> click here <<

  Paul2008 12:08 28 Apr 2009

Appreciate all your suggestions, folks.
Have tried a couple and must say that I haven't seen any real improvement/s.
So conclude that this is it and will check AVG scanners as being at least a part cause.

  birdface 16:20 28 Apr 2009

It is advisable not to use any Registry programs provided by alexartox.Unsafe Site.Opening old threads and hoping someone will download from them.Stay away.

  Paul2008 07:23 29 Apr 2009

Thanx buteman

  birdface 11:40 30 Apr 2009

[I have broadband at 16mb and it doesn't seem much faster than 6mb I have just upgraded from] Maybe your Modem if you use one also needs upgrading.or try Device manager and see if there is any yellow exclamation marks beside any of the drivers.You could download and try Driver Max it is free and will let you know if any drivers need updating.If not keen on updating your drivers from there you can always go to the makers website and download them from there.

AVG probably just doing it's job.Was there any other pre-installed anti-Virus programs on the computer when you got it.Maybe give us a list of all your security programs that you have installed including your Firewall.
If you think it is a bit sluggish check your task Manager to see what programs are using up your CPU.If nothing running system idle process should be showing about 97% this is normal.

Back to AVG make sure you do not have it set to scan at start up.Either set it to run at a different time or better still do it manually.It has a little box on it that you can tick so that you can run the scan when you are going out and it will power down the computer when it is finished.A great little tool.

  provider 2 12:00 30 Apr 2009

Hello buteman,

Have I missed something?

WOT says six of these registry cleaner review sites "link to dangerous sites with rogue applications" and/or "phishing scam".

The second of alexartox`s links triggers a full page WOT warning.

What`s going on?

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