Good quality telephone extension cable???

  Blake7 13:19 14 May 2006

Where can I buy a good quality telephone extension cable for my broadband connection on the high street?
Want to try a new one to see if that improves anything.

  Totally-braindead 13:25 14 May 2006

I don't know about good quality but I bought one from Tescos the other week, very cheap and works brilliantly. And I use it for BB.

  ed-0 13:37 14 May 2006

I bought 2 X 10mtre extentions from poundland. Work a treat;-)


click here

  Ray5776 13:53 14 May 2006

They are all much the same but if you would be happier paying more try a BT shop.

  SB23 14:21 14 May 2006

I've got BB Silver, and I bought one from a well known diy store when I was working for them, and a replacement when I moved recently. It was a 10m, and it works fine.

  yabadabado 14:56 14 May 2006

i use cat5 network cable... had no problems! got router running of an extension of an extension so to speak and got zilch problem with quality/noise

  Stuartli 18:02 14 May 2006

You would do much better by buying a proper ADSL data cable rather than a telephone extension - connect it to the Master Socket using a splitter (microfilter) and run the phone from the splitter's other socket.

I use a 10m ADSL data cable for my BB in this way which cost me £7.59 - however you can buy them even cheaper from:

click here

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